Jonathan’s Story


Jonathan Trotter

College/ School:

School of Computer Science

Job title:

Research project coordinator

Photo or other suitable picture alongside:

Brief description of your role:

Jonathan’s role is to co-ordinate agri-robotic research within a small scale strawberry farm at Riseholme. It’s Jonathan’s responsibility to ensure the research farm produces commercial grade strawberries throughout the season for data collection opportunities and to ensure key project deliverables such as autonomous picking of berries can be achieved. Jonathan looks after the strawberries on a day to day basis ensuring the crop is in the best health. If you purchased strawberries from the University catering outlets last summer it is Jonathan that grew them at Riseholme!

How long have you been at the Institution:

Jonathan started at the University of Lincoln in August 2019.

Journey to your role:

Jonathan grew up on the family farm in Lincolnshire and went on to study Agriculture at University. Jonathan has always enjoyed being at the forefront of agricultural developments and went on to work for a leading agricultural trials company to develop his knowledge of trials management and agriculture further.

Things to love about the role/ work:

Having the responsibility to manage a high profile research facility, the ability to work outdoors and tasting the fruits of our success at the end of the day!

Advice to other technicians:

Always be flexible with plans and make sure you are organised. A good work ethic gets noticed!

Interests outside work:

Jonathan can be found taking photos with his drone (@JWT_Farming_Photography), planning his next travel destination or playing tennis.

Any kind of registration/ recognition where applicable (e.g. RSci, AFHEA):


Other pictures:

Planted out strawberries in March

Recent picture of the site

Testing the moisture of the grow bags

Strawberries from last summer

Assessing disease in some of the trials