The Technician Commitment (link) is a university and research institution initiative, led by a steering group of sector bodies, with support from the Science Council and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Technicians Make It Happen campaign. The Commitment has four key areas: visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians in higher education and research, across all disciplines alongside the fifth key theme being to evaluate action towards the commitment.

There is a growing body of signatories that include industry as well as higher education – the University of Lincoln became a signatory in 2017.

Technicians make a difference in all institutional areas of activity, from obtaining research funding to publishing the outcomes, from student recruitment to assessment and feedback, in knowledge transfer and consultancy. As an institution we wish to directly support Technician development and to recognise Technician achievement.

The Commitment aims to reflect this at each institution, making sure that technicians are not only visible, but they are recognised for their contribution and have the opportunity to develop their skills and technical careers, as well as allow for planning of their roles and how that role may change or adapt, into the future.

This website captures our commitment to make visible the excellent work Technicians do as well as our action plan, building on current practice, improve visibility, recognition and support career development towards sustainability.

As part of our action plan, this website is going to be the hub for the Technician Commitment, host a Technician communication platform and links for forums to get involved with, UoL technician’s stories, blogs, links to internal and external career support and activity reports. The Technicians Make It Happen @ University of Lincoln website will grow and develop.

“Technicians contribute to the success of our University. By providing invaluable support across all areas, every day Technicians make a difference to student learning and the student experience, to our research output and outreach activities. Being a signatory of the Technician Commitment is an excellent opportunity to recognise and champion our technical colleagues, and to help create and develop a vibrant and sustainable professional community and workforce.”

Prof. Mary Stuart CBE

Vice Chancellor of the University

“Technicians provide key support right across our university, providing essential services for research and teaching and hugely enhancing the student experience.  The University of Lincoln would be far less successful without our dedicated technical teams.  We hope the Technician Commitment will in turn help our technical colleagues to feel recognised, supported and valued within the institution.”

Prof. Libby John

Pro Vice Chancellor / Head of College of Science and Engineering

“I am delighted that we are making this commitment to our technical staff. It is a great opportunity to recognise the essential contribution made by our technicians to the work of the college and schools. Their support for staff and students makes a real difference to our teaching and research activities.”

Prof. Harriet Gross

Acting Head of College of Social Science

“The expertise and professionalism of our technical teams are essential ingredients of the high-quality student experience at the University of Lincoln. Their dedication, and their commitment to mastering the ever-changing technological resources available within the modern University environment, are key factors underpinning our success.”

 Professor Matthew Cragoe 

Pro Vice Chancellor / Head of College of Arts

“Our Technicians are an integral part of the University. They have a broad range of specialist skills and knowledge through which they contribute to teaching, research and the community in various ways.”

Dr. Beatrix Fahnert

Technician Commitment Lead – UoL