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Martin Rousseau

College/ School:

School of Fine and Performing Arts

Job title:

Production Manager

Brief description of role:

Supporting all the disciplines: fine art, drama, dance and music. Martin is also the health and safety coordinator. He coordinates requirements for the University courses and schedules the crew and resources for assessments. He also teaches on the technical theatre and stage management degree. He supports assessments for dissertations and student projects such as Nebula Festival, including production meetings and supporting the event through performance, filming and uploading.

How long at Institution:

Martin started his current role at the University of Lincoln in 2017.

Journey to role:

When he was younger Martin started his career by performing and acting, where he also helped with the technical elements. He found he made a better living as a technician, and started touring the country. He has since worked on the Da Vinci Code film in Lincoln, and helped the set construction of Westminster Abbey in the cathedral. He also worked as the technical manager for a local production company that did children’s theatre and pantomime, as well as outdoors theatre, working in places such as stately homes and castles.

Things to love about the role/ work:

the variety, every day is different. Working with and helping people who are engaged. Actively seeing the finished product, really rewarding. The diversity of people in theatre world and their stories.

Advice to other technicians:

Always try to keep learning and share knowledge. Doing something one way may not be the best way so don’t be afraid to ask.

Interests outside work:

Family man. Going to the gym and the theatre.

Any kind of registration/ recognition where applicable (e.g. RSci, AFHEA):

Member of the Association of British Theatre Technicians

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