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Jon Hughes 

College/ School:

School of Life Science 

Job title:

Technician of Biological Sciences  

Brief description of role:

Jon supports all Ecology, Conservation and Physiology courses. Jon also delivers practical support on field trips, including to Portugal, Boggle Hole, and Millport. Through this he also develops pastoral responsibilities and enjoys interacting with students, this relates to his previous role in teacher training. As his speciality, Jon enjoys collecting and identifying various species, including moss, fungus and insects. Jon also enjoys the plant animal interaction projects, as he supports students conducting research. He also conducts most of the dissection classes, and is very familiar with squid and locusts. He often encourages students to think of experimental design and training, whether this is in a river in Lincoln or a beach in Portugal. 

How long at Institution:

Since November 2018 

Journey to role:

Jon completed a PhD at the University of Sheffield in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, looking at improving crop water usage in plants. He also completed his PGCE at Sheffield Hallam. 

Things to love about the role/work:

Loves the opportunity to get outside and work, interact with students and exploring areas of science outside of his realm of expertise. 

Advice to other technicians:

Learn as much as you can about the topic relating to the practical sessions so that you can provide confident explanations to students as they enquire. This allows you to pre-empt issues that could arise during the practical.  

Interests outside work:

Reading and exercising.  

Any kind of registration/ recognition where applicable (e.g. RSci, AFHEA):


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