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Kelly Hellicar

College/ School:

School of Life Sciences

Job title:

Animal Technician Assistant

Photo or other suitable picture alongside:

Brief description of your role:

The daily care of bearded dragons, Red-footed tortoises, fish, insects and dogs. Providing student volunteers the opportunity to also learn how provide the correct care for the animals.

How long have you been at the Institution?

Around 1 year and 5 months.

Journey to your role:

I went to Riseholme College to study animal management, then completed a degree in Animal Training and Behaviour at Bishop Burton College. During my final year I started working as a casual animal technician for Riseholme College, where I was able to work with a wide variety of exotic species. I then finished my degree and became a lecturer in Animal Management and a course manager at Riseholme College. I enjoyed teaching and getting the opportunity to pass on my knowledge, however I found that I missed looking after animals, which is what lead me to my current job role.

Things to love about the role/ work:

Getting to know all of the animal’s individual personalities and understanding more about the species the more I work with them.

Advice to other technicians:

Get everything you can out of the job role and appreciate the little things you love about your job, I always feel so privileged to get to work with such intelligent, amazing animals.

Interests outside work:

Yoga, vintage clothing and cats (I have two rescue cats who are my world!)


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