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Dr Leonie Elie

College/ School:

College of Science/ School of Chemistry

Job title:

Senior Technician (Chemical-Pharmaceutical Sciences)

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Brief description of your role:

I am the Senior Technician in Chemistry-Pharmaceutical Sciences with a specialisation in analytical chemistry. I work in the analytical chemistry laboratory in both Janet Lane-Claypon building and Joseph-Banks Laboratories. My daily tasks involve providing training and support on a range of analytical instruments (GC-MS, GC-FID, HPLC-DAD-FL, Raman, FTIR, UV spectroscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy), maintenance and troubleshooting; development and delivery of practicals in the analytical chemistry laboratory, carrying out research and consultancy work in the field of analytical chemistry. My role is also to supervise the Chemistry-Pharmaceutical Sciences technical support team.

How long have you been at the Institution:

Since 2007.

Journey to your role:

I came to the University of Lincoln in 2005 for a 6 months placement during my MSc in Food Chemistry. I returned in 2007 to take up a post as research assistant to develop a portable microcrystalline test system. In 2008 I was successful in becoming a chemistry technician which I have been since. I was promoted to senior technician a couple of years later and have been leading the chemistry-pharmaceutical science team since 2017.

Things to love about the role/ work:

I love supporting students and academics in their studies and research, particularly teaching in practicals and supporting independent study projects. I take pride in maintaining and troubleshooting the analytical instruments I look after. I also enjoy working with schools as part of our outreach activities. Finally, I take great pleasure in supporting research as it allows me to think freely and abstractly, design methodology and write scientific papers.

Advice to other technicians:

Embrace that you are support staff!


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