Julia’s Story


Julia Steele

College/ School:

College of Science / School of Life Sciences

Job title:

Biological Sciences Technician

Brief description of your role:

Preparing the reagents and setting up the labs for Practicals in Biomedical Sciences, Bioveterinary Sciences and Biochemistry.  Also training in and supporting the use of some specialist equipment such as Microtomes and the Scanning Electron Microscope.

How long have you been at the Institution?:

September 2016

Journey to your role:

Julia did a Bachelor of Medical Sciences with an honours year in Physiology at university in Canada.  After a brief foray into studying photography, she moved to the UK and worked in NHS Cellular pathology labs in London as a biomedical scientist. She then moved into being a technician at a brain tissue bank for Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis at Imperial College London where she completed an M.Res in Cellular Pathology studying Multiple Sclerosis in human brain tissue.  After moving up to Lincolnshire to be near her husband’s family she worked in the NHS again, in Blood Sciences this time, before moving to the University of Lincoln in 2016.
Things to love about the role/ work:

Being in the lab, having the freedom to try new ways of doing things, and working with the academics to try and give students the best experience.
Advice to other technicians:

Always read any instructions really, really carefully.  Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Interests outside work:

Julia likes making pottery, swimming and doing yoga.  She also has a crazy dog called Sybil.

Any kind of registration/ recognition where applicable (e.g. RSci, AFHEA):

Working towards HEA registration.