Helen’s Story


Helen Cook

College/ School:

Medical School

Job title:

Pro Sector/Senior Technician in Anatomy

Brief description of role:

Facilitating teaching of anatomy. Is a prosector, so creates anatomical models and pre dissects specimens. Also liaises with Nottingham medical school. Sets up and sources anatomical models, bones and X-rays. Sets up the lab, displays the pro sections and maintains the lab. Is the health and safety coordinator for the medical school, takes part in audits, meetings, developing handbooks for staff and students, reads and approves risk assessments.

How long at Institution:

Helen started at the University of Lincoln in January 2019.

Journey to role:

Studied Anatomy at the University of Liverpool, then was an anatomy technician at Durham/Newcastle for 2 years.

Things to love about the role/ work:

It’s a new medical school so it’s nice to have a hand in setting it up, gets to make the list of structures, models and pro sections as well as being equipment for the labs and setting them up. Being responsible enough to have these responsibilities. Small cohort of students so it’s more personal. Variety of work.


Advice to other technicians:

Be organised and ask other people for help.


Interests outside work:

History (especially medieval and ancient), video gaming and sewing.