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Steve Sharp

College/ School:

School of Fine and Performing arts

Job title:

Music Technician

Brief description of role:

Steve supports the running of the Music Degree and Masters courses. He also works at managing and maintaining the music rooms and instruments for courses, adapting to performers equipment needs, and assisting with events at the LPAC. He also teaches modules to level 1 and 2 students. Steve helps put on charity gigs in the community such as the Forget Me Rocks gigs for student led project Alzheimer’s Lincoln. Recently, Steve used his skills and technology know how to produce a pre-prepared music track containing complex material that a band could adapt ready for their performance in the level one Autumn Showcase. This made performing less stressful for the students involved and allowed the event to run more smoothly.

How long at Institution:

Steve has been at the University since November 2018.

Journey to role:

Steve has previously worked as a musician on cruise ships and in the Middle East, alongside touring with his bands.

Things to love about the role/ work:

The diversity of the job role, and the interaction with the students as they progress through the course.

Advice to other technicians:

Coffee is always your friend. Make a pro-choice and use quality produce, only drink instant in a dire emergency.

Interests outside work:

Steve is an avid drummer, and is also studying for a master’s with his own school part time whilst working as a technician

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