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Dan Stones

College/ School:

School of Engineering

Job title:

Technical Resource Manager

Brief description of role:

Manages a departmental team of three technicians. Manages the work coming in and ensures it is allocated to the correct technician, whether this be research or teaching. Is the health and safety coordinator, takes part in audits for mechanical equipment, RF spectrums, solvents, gasses etc. Liaises with industry, suppliers (services, equipment, materials) educational/research equipment, CSG for waste and BOC for gasses.

How long at Institution:

Dan started at the University of Lincoln in 2012, on a one year research contract which was funded after consideration from academics. This then became a permanent role. At the end of 2018 Dan then became the technical manager.

Journey to role:

Previously, Dan was in the RAF for 30 years as an electrical/electronic engineer. When he started at the University of Lincoln he was the only Engineering Technician, and had to learn things outside of his realm of expertise quite quickly, such as fluid dynamics and dynamic mechanics. He set up all the equipment, processes and how to store and manage the equipment for the School of Engineering.

Things to love about the role/ work:

The opportunity to give back from his own experiences, and show students how what they are learning applies to real life. The variety of the work is rewarding, the days are so different one day you will be looking at a gas turbine, then fluid dynamics then building a go kart. Loves the problem solving, resourcefulness is constantly challenging and really shows the difference a technician can make.

Advice to other technicians:

Stick with it, stay patient, stay focussed. 1 day you might feel like you’re being taken for granted but then the next day you’re saving the world. Your value is understood by the people who know you make a difference.

Interests outside work:

Dan has been to the last 7 Glastonbury festivals. He enjoys gigs and live music and also has an interest in hockey, having represented the army, navy and air force at a regional level.

Any kind of registration/ recognition where applicable (e.g. RSci, AFHEA):


(*Graduateship Award at Level 6 from City & Guilds) in recognition of the management roles previously undertaken with the RAF. For info –

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