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Laura Taylor 

College/ School

School of Life Science 

Job title

Graduate Laboratory Intern  

Brief description of role

In her role Laura provides support to practicals, including preparing chemicals, running the sessions and helping in induction sessions. Laura is also integral in the School of Life Science Skills portfolio sessions, where students learn basic laboratory skills to help with their development in labs. Laura also trains demonstrators on the microtome, a machine which cuts very thin slices of tissues. She also supports dissection, molecular and microbiology.  

How long at Institution

Laura has been working in her role full time from August 2019.  

Journey to role

Laura did her undergraduate degree at Lincoln in Biomedical Science, and then her masters by research in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, looking at cancer and how it spreads. This is her first full time job from university. 

Things to love about the role/ work

Laura loves the diversity of the role, and that she has had the chance to do things that she wouldn’t do normally, for example she has supported the ecology course and picked mushrooms for students to study. She also loves running practicals that she did as a student. 

Advice to other technicians

Always be willing to learn something new, everyone has a different skill set .

Interests outside work

Laura enjoys seeing live music, and reading.


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Tom Reed

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