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Andrew Irvine

College/ School:

School of Psychology 

Job title:

Senior Technician 

Brief description of role:

Andrew works in the School of Psychology as 1 of 4 technicians. He manages the team, writes software and manages overflow room bookings. In the School of Psychology technicians do anything from student questions about Qualtrics to building custom developed software for big projects, such as the driving lab equipment. Andrew and the team are on hand in afternoon drop in sessions to help students with their dissertations, and Andrew is very passionate about technicians being recognised on papers that they have been a part of. 

Recently, Andrew has been remaking an entire suite of cognitive batteries for testing brain functions such as memory and other executive functions. He has also developed body perception software. Whereas before participants would look at 2D images, they can now see in 3D virtual reality thanks to Andrew’s skills! The team have a lot of interaction with students, and have pastoral elements to their work.  

How long at Institution:

Andrew has been in his role since May 2019.  

Journey to role:

Previously Andrew has written research software, and has been recognised on papers for his work. He was also a programmer in health and safety at a construction company, and has delivered virtual reality training. He is studying for a degree in Psychology. 

Things to love about the role/work:

I enjoy working with students and being able to be creative with my projects.  

Advice to other technicians:

Technicians should always be looking to learn new things and thinking about new ways to solve problems.  

Interests outside work:

Going to the cinema, cycling and photography.

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